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Stationary Compactor
Optional Features Include
  • Deodorizer
  • Safety Switch
  • Fans
  • External Control Manual
  • and much more!
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Stationary Compactor are compactors that are typically bolted or welded permanently to the ground for the purpose of packing waste material into a compaction trailer or container. These trailers or containers are then disposed of or hauled too landfills to be emptied.

What kind of materials can I put into it?
Stationary Compactors are primarily used for dry waste and recycling material such as cardboard, mixed paper, plastic, etc. These use cases make them ideal for large restaurants, offices, hospitals, department stores, industrial and manufacturing.

How does service work?
We will work with you to make sure to have a stationary container in a prompt timely manner that matches your business needs. Every stationary container is fully customizable depending on the needs of your service and business. Delivery typically takes place between 6-8 weeks after signing, however this varies per location. Once delivered, we will then work with you to create a pick-up schedule that matches your needs whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly pick-ups.

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