Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard Recycling Pick-Up

Cardboard recycling dumpster rentals are one of the most commonly utilized options for business recycling. Most businesses choose to recycle cardboard because a separate container for all shipping boxes provides a significantly cheaper and much more sustainable option than putting boxes into a regular dumpster with other forms of waste.

Waste Industries offers a variety of sizes in dumpster rentals for recycled cardboard, and with a specifically designed cardboard recycling dumpster which has an open slot to dispense flattened boxes, you can maximize the amount of cardboard contained in your dumpster on any given collection schedule.

This recycling option is only for cardboard, and does not include other materials you would see in commingle recycling. If that’s not for you, please view our mixed recycling options.

Cardboard recycling dumpster sizes include:

2 Yard Cardboard Recycling - Box
2 Yard Trash and Recycling Dumpster Box
4 Yard Cardboard Recycling - Box
4 Yard Trash and Recycling Dumpster Box
6 Yard Cardboard Recycling - Box
6 Yard Trash and Recycling Dumpster Box
8 Yard Cardboard Recycling - Box
8 Yard Trash and Recycling Dumpster Box

We do have customers who would rather have a more easily accessible option, often utilized where the customers are not as mobile or have a hard time reaching the slot for our box variants of cardboard recycling dumpsters. Those options include:

6 Yard Cardboard Recycling - Slant
6 Yard Trash and Recycling Dumpster Slant
8 Yard Cardboard Recycling - Slant
8 Yard Trash and Recycling Dumpster Slant

Please note that even when you don’t have the slot, it’s essential you break down all cardboard before recycling. Large, unbroken down boxes cannot be bailed and are considered contamination. The rules for cardboard recycling are pretty simple, but it’s important to take note of them to ensure you’re getting the most out of your recycling plan:

  • All boxes must be flattened before being recycled. You can leave tape and labels on the box. We will remove them at our facilities.
  • We cannot recycle wet cardboard, so please keep your cardboard dry by immediately placing it in the closed-topped cardboard recycling bins.
  • Any cardboard that has grease contamination cannot be recycled, so avoid putting items like pizza boxes in with your recycled cardboard.

If you have questions regarding specific items that can be collected, contact your local branch. We are happy to help.

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