Welcome Econo Haul Customers
We are pleased to announce that Waste Industries will begin providing your solid waste disposal, recycling, and yard waste services beginning January 16th, 2017. To ensure a smooth transition as we integrate your service location into our local operations, we want to provide you with the following information:
• At this time, your day of service and the services you receive will remain the same
  • The time of day that you normally receive service may change
  • If your service day or services change in the future, we will notify you in advance
  • Your container. You will be notified if we change your container.
• Unpaid Econo Haul bills
  • Your account information and amount owed have been transferred to our system
  • Mail Econo Haul payments to: Waste Industries, PO Box 490,Townsend, DE, 19734
• The “look and feel” of your next bill will be different
  • Waste Industries invoices will arrive in envelopes
• Waste Industries offers Ebilling – paperless billing and NO FEE payment processing
  • When you receive your first Waste Industries invoice, sign-up at www.wasteindustries.com by selecting My Account (you will need your new account number to sign-up).
  • If you were enrolled in Auto-pay with Econo Haul, it has been shut off effective January 16th. You can choose to re-establish Auto-pay with us when you sign up for Ebilling.
  • Multiple ways to pay your Waste Industries bill – select My Account and Pay My Bill at www.wasteindustries.com (fees will apply to some payment methods)
We are excited about the opportunity to serve you! Waste Industries will use our passion, knowledge, and expertise to provide for your solid waste and recycling collection needs. We take pride in providing these essential services in the communities where we live and operate.
We encourage you to learn more about Waste Industries by visiting our website at www.wasteindustries.com.
Please feel free to call us at (302) 378-5400 with any questions you may have.