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Question: What types of trash can I throw away?
Answer: Regular household trash is fine to throw away. If you have anything unusual like paint cans, tires, appliances, oil or other chemicals, you may need to visit one of our transfer stations to have these items recycled. But please ask, we may be able to make these items disappear for you!
Question: Do I need to have my trash in bags?
Answer: It does make the lives much easier for our drivers and helpers to have the trash in bags. We do want for our customers to put their trash in bags that are securely closed.
Question: Do I need to use a Waste Industries container?
Answer: Waste Industries does provide containers for each of our customers. We offer containers with wheels and lids and we even deliver them right to your door! Why would you want to use anything else?
Question: Can I throw away yard debris?
Answer: Many of our locations offer yard debris removal, but this depends on the local laws. You should ask your Waste Industries Customer Service Representative if special services are offered in your area. If they are offered, you should ask if there are any stipulations to have this debris removed.
Question: How can I get rid of large items like box springs or appliances?
Answer: Removing large items can be a hassle, so this is why many of our branches offer special services to remove these items for you. All you have to do is call your local branch and see what arrangements can be made to have these items removed for you.
Question: Can I get a dumpster at my house?
Answer: Sometimes spring cleaning gets closets cleaned out, but your garbage can is now overflowing. We do offer dumpsters to be placed permanently or temporarily at private residences. A trash removal truck will need easy access to the area where the container is to be placed. Please refer to your local ordinances before having a container delivered.
Question: What size dumpsters are there?
Answer: We offer containers in sizes such as 2, 4, 6, and 8 yard, plus larger containers like 20, 30 and 40 yard containers that you may have seen at construction sites. If you need to have something in a different size just ask, we probably have it!
Question: Would I get charged for items outside the container?
Answer: When you sign up for residential service you should be told if there will be a charge for extra items outside the container. This is handled on a case-by-case basis at each branch so it's good to ask. You are not limited to having just one container, so you can sign up for service with multiple containers if needed.
Question: Do you have recycling services?
Answer: Waste Industries is proud to be a leader in recycling services in the southeastern United States. We do offer curbside recycling services and also have many recycling sites. Please contact your local branch to find out which items are recyclable.
Question: Are special services provided for the disabled or elderly?
Answer: Many of our customers are just not able to push a heavy container to the curb, this is why special services can be offered to the disabled or elderly. Please ask your Customer Service Representative if this would be beneficial to you.

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