Full Circle Project

FCP – Charity Classes

Our Charity Classes

Here at Waste Industries, a GFL company, we have always believed that giving back to the communities we serve is essential to building a better place for everyone to live. With the Full Circle Project, we are inviting you to decide exactly how we give back. Do you have a charity you would like for us to consider within one of these charity class? Please submit it for consideration at the Submit a Charity page today!

Full Circle Project - Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Animals are some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. This class helps to protect and improve the lives of animals in need.

Full Circle Project - Cancer and Medical Wellness


Many families and individuals struggle with the impacts of cancer and other serious medical conditions. This class offers support for research into cures and developing technologies, and assistance to those affected by chronic medical issues.

Full Circle Project - Nature Conservation


Preserving the environment we share will create a brighter future for us all. This class supports charities that focus on conserving our natural and ecological surroundings.

Full Circle Project - Poverty Reduction


This class helps to provide for those who are less fortunate than ourselves by supporting charities that offer housing, food, job assistance and other services to improve people’s basic standard of living.

Full Circle Project - First Respondents and Veterans


We are indebted to those who selflessly serve our country both at home and abroad. This class focuses on giving back to them in any way we can.

Full Circle Project - Family Wellness


From medical care to ensuring no child goes hungry, this class helps to support families with children in need and build a better future for them.

Full Circle Project - Arts, Culture, & Education

Arts, Culture and Education

This class invests in enriching local arts and culture, as well as supporting programs and scholarships that create better educational opportunities for young people.