Full Circle Project

FCP – Charity Classes

Our Charity Classes

Here at Waste Industries, we have always believed that giving back to the communities we serve is essential to building a better place for everyone to live. With the Full Circle Project, we are inviting you to decide exactly how we give back. Do you have a charity you would like for us to consider within one of these charity class? Please submit it for consideration at the Submit a Charity page today!

Animal Rescue Nonprofit Donations

Animal Rescue

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Gandhi. With the Animal Rescue charity class, you are given the opportunity to help preserve and better the lives of animals in need within your local community.
Cancer Research Donations

Cancer & Medical Research

With the Cancer & Medical Research charity category, we provide funds to the research of developing technologies while providing assistance to those impacted by serious medical conditions. From searching for cures to providing additional care, we want to help put a stop to some of the most devastating conditions out there today.
Education and Scholarship Donations

Education & Scholarships

Waste Industries supports those who strive for academic excellence. From private education to scholarship programs, the Education & Scholarships category is driven to help better our nation’s education and prepare young people for the future.
Environmental Preservation Donations

Environmental Preservation

The Environmental Preservation charity class gives back to the local environment and ecosystem. This charity class recently made its debut, so we need you to cast your vote to start directing charitable contributions its way. If you want to help give back to the local environment, vote Environmental Preservation today!
Family Health and Wellness Donations.

Family Health & Wellness

The Family Health & Wellness charity class focuses on providing monetary assistance to children’s hospitals and support funds for families with children in need. From hospital care to ensuring no child goes hungry, this class is all about building a better world for our children.
Homeless Assistance Donations

Homeless Assistance

The Homeless Assistance class provides help to those less fortunate than ourselves. This class supports charities that offer housing, food, interview preparation, job assistance, and ongoing support to the homeless across our footprint.
Mental Health Donations

Mental Health

The Mental Health charity class gives back to those struggling with mental health issues throughout society. This charity class recently made its debut, so we need you to cast your vote to start directing charitable contributions its way. If you want to help support those with mental health issues, vote Mental Health today!
Wounded Soldiers Donations

Veterans & First Responders

The Veterans & First Responders charity class gives back to our nation’s heroes. This class focuses on charities that target assisting veterans who served both abroad and at home and have given so much in the name of our country. From rehabilitation to job assistance, we want to help however we can.