Full Circle Project

FCP – How To Join

How to Join the Full Circle Project

Step One: Enroll in E-Billing

In order to participate in the Full Circle Project, you first need to be enrolled in e-billing. E-billing is our digital billing system that removes paper bills and the associated paper bill fee from your account for a greener alternative to billing. Every billing period, we will post your bill on your Customer Portal account as well as send you an email to notify you that your bill is ready to be paid. This does not mean auto-pay! Your billing regiment is identical in every way to paper bill, except that you can manage your billing at any time from our digital portal.

To take the first step in participating in the Full Circle Project, you can create a Customer Portal account here. Please make sure to select go paperless during the enrollment process to complete both steps for participation in the program.

Step Two: Check Active Areas

Once you’re enrolled in e-billing, check to see if your area is active in the Full Circle Project roll-out. You can view live areas for the Full Circle Project here. Locations that are live have already been notified of the Full Circle Project, so in order to participate, you must log into My Account and, once you’ve enrolled in e-billing, click the banner that looks like this on the My Account homepage:

If your area is not listed in the live areas for the Full Circle Project, be sure you are signed up for e-billing! Our e-billing customers will receive an email as soon as the campaign is live in their area, making it as simple as clicking a button to sign up for the campaign. If you do not sign up for e-billing, you will not be notified of the campaign’s launch in your area and may miss your opportunity to participate in 2014.

Step Three: Select Charity

Select your charity! Once you’re enrolled in e-billing and the Full Circle Project is live in your area, it’s time to select a charity. You can do this by clicking the link in the email that we sent you, or by visiting your account and clicking the banner at the top of your account details page to get started.

Step Four: Receive Decal

You’re almost there! In two to four weeks we will send you a decal to be placed on your container, car, or wherever you would like to show your commitment to the Full Circle Project. This decal will reflect the charity class you have selected and will showcase how you’re guiding Waste Industries’, a GFL company, ongoing charitable contributions.

Step Five: Spread the Word

Spread the word and let us know what you think of the project so far! The more people that participate who have similar opinions to you, the more we can allocate to your charity class. Tweet a picture of your container/car/window/etc. with your Full Circle Project decal on it using #FullCircleProject, and we’ll share as many of those images on our website as we can!

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