Transfer of Trash and Waste


Landfill Collection Services

Waste Industries owns and operates multiple landfills across the Eastern United States. While landfills are often the source of much criticism for many groups attacking sustainable practices, this misinformation is actually in stark contrast to the actual dynamic of a working landfill.

In truth, a properly managed landfill is one of the waste industry’s most sustainable practices, providing everything from extremely managed waste storage space, energy for surrounding communities, highly-preserved natural habitat management for surrounding wildlife, and eventually public land that’s converted into parks and recreational areas.

Landfill Trash Collection

Thanks to the clean and efficient use of modern technology, our landfills go through multiple levels of transformation. They begin in cells, or areas for waste storage. After a cell is filled, it is sealed and moves into phase two, where it begins to produce energy.

Landfills operated by Waste Industries convert the methane produced as a natural byproduct of waste decomposition into clean, useable energy. This energy is routed back into the power grid and is then is distributed to the surrounding community, allowing a cheap and clean alternative to many other forms of energy production.

While the landfill continues to break down the elements stored within it, regular tests are performed on the areas surrounding the cells. Many steps are taken in producing a clean, reliable, and undamaging landfill, some of which include the development of wetlands by Waste Industries that provide natural habitats for much of the wildlife within the area. These wetlands are constantly monitored and carefully protected by our staff, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the flora and fauna that inhabits the region surrounding our landfill.

When the landfill is finally closed, some are converted into parks and areas of recreation, with trees planted all around producing large, thriving habitats for the areas wildlife.

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