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The design and development of the first man-operated convenience site was a plan that was put together by Waste Industries, a GFL company, in the early days of our development. It became clear that many people, especially those that live far away from dense commercial and residential urban areas, had fundamentally different needs from their urban counterparts.

The solution to this garbage and recycling issue was to build what would become the first convenience site or an area that anyone, Waste Industries customer or not, could bring their waste and dump it without waiting for a truck to pass by their home.

Over the years and with heavy popularity, convenience sites began opening in multiple rural areas across America. Today, our convenience sites provide:

  • Convenience. A waste dumping location for residents of areas that have limited or no waste collection services.
  • Locations Near You. Multiple locations that save time and energy driving long distances to municipal dumping areas.
  • Avoiding Landfills. A more convenient and safer alternative to navigating a landfill site.
  • Access. Available to anyone, regardless of whether or not the customer has a Waste Industries contract.
  • Sustainability. Preventing the dumping of trash in community areas by providing official garbage dumping sites for spread-out communities.

Due to their ease of use, convenience sites grew quickly as clean, safe, and user-friendly locations for the disposal of any and all solid waste items. Waste Industries, a GFL company, still operates countless convenience sites across the United States, providing a fantastic solution for the disposal of household garbage, larger household items, and all forms of recyclable materials.

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