Transfer of Trash and Waste

MSW Special Waste Landfill

MSW Special Waste Site

Waste Industries, a GFL company, operates and manages a number of MSW Landfills that are permitted for the acceptance of non-hazardous industrial waste and special waste.

Special Waste is defined by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) as: “Any waste material which, because of its physical characteristics, process, chemical/biological makeup, or that which requires either special handling procedures and permitting, or poses an unusual threat to human health, equipment, property, or the environment.” All special waste accepted at a Waste Industries, a GFL company, landfill requires an approval process to determine if the waste stream is acceptable which typically starts with a generator contacting a Waste Industries landfill or completing the coordination disposal request on the website.

Special Waste Coordinators are available at each landfill that accepts special waste, to provide assistance to the generator concerning the waste stream approval process and to help with all paperwork requirements and transportation if needed.

Types of Industrial and Special Waste may include: Asbestos and asbestos-containing material, sludge or paste type material, powders or dusty material, industrial process wastes, pollution control wastes, ash, off-specification products and other materials deemed as special waste by State or Federal rules and/or regulations, or by the landfill manager due to special handling considerations.

Grady Road Landfill Map

Grady Road Landfill

316 Grady Rd
Rockmart, GA 30153

Phone Number:
(770) 748-8276

Lakeway MSW Landfill Map

Lakeway MSW Landfill

5155 Enka Highway
Lowland, TN 37778

Phone Number:
(423) 581-1053

Sampson County Landfill Map

Sampson County Landfill

7434 Roseboro Highway
Roseboro, NC 28382

Phone Number:
(910) 525-4132

South Wake Landfill Map

South Wake Landfill

6124 Old Smithfield Road
Apex NC 27502

Phone Number:
(919) 303-0867

Taylor County Landfill Map

Taylor County Landfill

33 Stewart Road
Mauk, GA 31058

Phone Number:
(478) 862-2610

Waste Services of Decatur Map

Waste Services of Decatur

324 Landfill Lane
Bath Springs, TN 38311

Phone Number:
(731) 549-3567

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