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When Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) came into play, larger disposal facilities were forced into fewer and fewer locations. Because of this change many years ago, the cost of transporting waste was looking at skyrocketing. At Waste Industries, a GFL company, we constantly look for ways to make the disposal and removal of garbage from our customers’ hands a process that requires as little frustration as possible. It was here that we saw an opportunity that few else has noticed, and so we seized it with the goal of ensuring continued sustainable support for our customers.

To avoid the looming cost increases Waste Industries, a GFL company, took steps to be one of the very first companies in the Southeast to provide transfer stations for cities and counties. These transfer stations were created as temporary dumping grounds where waste could be collected, decreasing the distance of travel for each garbage truck and helping to maintain lower costs for our consumers.

Thanks to our early entry and innovation in effective transfer station design, Waste Industries, a GFL company, is a leader in development, construction, operation, logistics, transportation, disposal, and management. Each transfer station provides local convenience, allowing the efficient transfer of a short-haul garbage collector into a long-haul waste truck before moving it off to the landfill.

And the best part is that no one has to worry about having a massive disposal site built in their backyard!

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