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Regardless of your garbage needs Waste Industries, a GFL company, can provide a solution. From recurring pickups of recycling and trash to single-use dumpsters for larger projects, we will provide everything you need with a service that's unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Residential Trash Can Pick Up.

At Waste Industries, a GFL company, we have been proudly servicing the residential needs of our customers since our founding in 1970.

Waste, to most people, is just that unneeded junk that gets thrown to the curb. For us, trash was an opportunity to serve our community and was the start of everything we have become today. We began here in waste, with a single truck, and have spread across the United States to accommodate the solid waste needs of hundreds of thousands of customers.

We have always offered the best in home garbage collection, leading us to be constantly innovative, provide varying pickup plans and schedules for the convenience of our customers, and allow for special-order containers for those at home renovation projects that require just a little bit more than your standard waste pickup.

We believe in a level of quality that is unmatched by any company in the solid waste industry. It’s this commitment to our customers and the residential solid waste communities we service that has led us to develop a range of products and services that work in unison, creating a natural blend of convenience and sustainability for our customers.

Specialized services not offered at all locations. Please contact your local branch to determine if available.

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