Residential Recycling Pick Up

Residential Recycling

Recycling Collection For Your Home

The Waste Industries, a GFL company, residential recycling plan offers customers the ability to be more sustainable with their waste stream. It’s an opportunity to do more with your waste than simply throw it away, and we have been at the forefront of recycling services since recycling became a possibility.

While recycling is no longer an oddity, we strive to provide superior recycling opportunities to each of our customers. With Waste Industries, a GFL company, recycling, you’ll receive either a 65 gallon or a 96 gallon recycling container similar to your waste container. We don’t do the 35 gallon boxes because today, people want a sustainable solution, and the more a recycling container can hold the better!

We also provide single stream recycling, meaning all approved recycling materials go into the same container. While this is generally a convenience, remember contamination can ruin an entire batch of recycling. Just one item that isn’t supposed to be there can ruin your entire efforts, so be sure to check out the general recycling guidelines page, and then check with your local branch to see which items are accepted at your recycling center.

65 Gallon Recycling
65 Galloon Recycling
96 Gallon Recycling
96 Galloon Recycling

Once you have your container, you simply follow the same guidelines as your solid waste container in regards to container placement, putting your items at the curb based on your recycling collection schedule.

From there, we’ll take your recycling to a recycling center, where it will be processed and handled appropriately.

For inquiries about recycling services, contact your local branch or sign up for recycling collection.

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