Acceptable recyclable items in a 35 gallon container, including paper, plastic, and aluminum.

Residential Recycling

Recycling Services For Your Home

Waste Industries takes pride in exceeding the expectations of customers when providing a sustainable collaboration of services for each of the communities we service. With low-impact trucks, highly efficient route planning, and our commitment to offering highly affordable recycling solutions, we are always trying to find the next best step in decreasing our environmental footprint.

Recycling is one of the prime opportunities in the waste industry to get everyone involved in helping give back to our community, and so Waste Industries has put together a few items that are designed to help boost our knowledge and commitment to recycling, helping to keep your home Green.

  • Single-Stream Recycling
    Allowing you to recycle all goods in one bin, making recycling convenient and efficient for everyone in your home.
  • On-site Separation
    A Waste Industries specialist will separate all your recyclables, taking the strain off your shoulders entirely.
  • Unique Containers
    Waste Industries containers that show your commitment to being Green and your commitment to community sustainability.
  • Personalized Training
    Sessions for education systems to help teach your family effective and appropriate recycling techniques.
  • Uniquely Customized
    Our programs cater to your needs, letting you and your family get the most out of your recycling plan.

At Waste Industries, we are proud to be doing everything we can to protect the environment around your home. By signing up for our for Home Recycling Services, you are helping us keep our communities clean and clear for the generations that follow. For inquiries about recycling services, contact your local branch.

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