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Containers for Renovation Projects

While regular solid waste collection does its job for the standard day-to-day portion of your life, there will always be times when your 96 gallon container just isn’t enough for the big project you had in mind.

Whether you’re cleaning out the house or taking on a large renovation project, your normal trash can just isn’t going to cut it for a large-scale overhaul. In fact, it’s illegal to dump many pieces of waste you’ll end up from a home renovation project into your regular solid waste container. When it comes time to fix up the house, Waste Industries, a GFL company,offers an excellent solution that can be catered to your specific needs in the forms of a 20 yard home renovation container.

If you’re not tearing up the house and are just cleaning out a bunch of stuff you no longer need, we provide another option in the form of a regular dumpster. It’s best to contact us to explain your needs, because each of those containers has different rules for what can be put in them, regulations set forth by local and national government to ensure companies provide the cleanest solutions to businesses. Even though you’re a residential consumer, you’ll need to know these differences before selecting a container that’ll meet the legal requirements.

For home renovation projects:

We can provide our standard 20 yard Construction and Demolition (C&D) container to any personal residence for use on projects that will result in construction debris. This specific container allows you to take all that waste from remodeling your home and throw it into one convenient location for a single pick-up when you’re finished.

Just fill the container with all your waste from remodeling, then give us a call and we’ll come haul it away. If you need it emptied, we can return it to your door, or if you’re done we’ll get it out of your way. It really is as simple as that.

Never put municipal solid waste in these containers. This is your regular household trash, stuff like food waste or bagged trash from your kitchen. Those items go to a completely different landfill and are considered contamination. Placing these items in a 20 yard can result in fines from inspectors and can contaminate our efforts at providing a clean and reliable form of waste removal.

If you’re looking to get rid of regular household waste in excess, a better solution would be the following.

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