Waste Industries Corporate Accounts

Corporate Accounts

Large-Scale Waste Management

Our national and corporate accounts program is uniquely catered to the needs of your business. No matter where you are in the US, Waste Industries can develop an all-encompassing network to service your waste needs.

Each national company has its own unique needs, which is why we have developed a strategy that involves complete and total unique customization catered towards the needs of your business.

Benefits of the Waste industries National Accounts Program include:

  • One company to meet all your waste service requirements
  • A single point of constant contact, a person committed to your service who understands your company-specific needs.
  • Efficient management ensuring that your locations and service providers are working together efficiently.
  • Complete elimination of the worries associated with complex and constantly changing environmental regulations.

From local management of your waste decisions to corporate regulation and decision making, Waste Industries can build a custom design that will meet your uniquely personal needs. Some of the ways an account will be catered to you involve:

  • Cost Savings Initiatives – Application of industry best practices to reduce overall costs
  • Enhanced Customer Service – From a dedicated account manager to our interactive customer service website, you’ll never be out of a moments reach from Waste Industries.
  • Timely Problem Resolution – We do not let problems go unresolved. If there’s an issue, we will fix it.
  • Waste Activity Reports – Identification of trends, recycling reports, operational efficiencies, and cost-saving opportunities to maximize your company efficiency.
  • Enhanced Billing Options – A single monthly invoice for all locations to help you reduce accounts payable costs.
  • Third Party Management – Management of all your locations through Waste Industries.
  • Master Service Agreement – Limited risk through a terms and conditions agreement covering all of your facilities.
  • Reduced Administration – Designed local contracts that simplify communications between both companies.

If you are interested in hearing more about what our National Accounts Program can do for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact our National Accounts specialists. They will have our corporate accounts manager walk you through all the steps and give you a more accurate taste of how we can customize a campaign that fits your exact needs.

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