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University Trash and Recycling Collection

Universities are the birthplace of innovation, inspiring young minds to achieve more than they ever imagined by providing a gateway to ongoing educational opportunities with a focus on personal development. This focus on the individual, from our experience, produces a completely unique campus experience in which students are driven to better both themselves and the world around them. Both professors and students alike drive social, economic, and cultural change across our nation, and that change means all vendors are required to be responsive, versatile, and innovative.

Waste Industries works with various universities across the country to ensure that the needs of the campus are met in their entirety. From social responsibility campaigns to decrease landfill impact to providing sustainable solutions to standard recycling efforts, Waste Industries can work with your school to build a custom solution that will help lower your campus’ impact on the environment while simultaneously driving positive change in the future generations of home and business owners.

With quantifiable metrics and reliable collection cycles, by partnering with Waste Industries for university solid waste and recycling efforts, you’re partnering with a company built around sustainable efforts and lowering its impact. Not only do we work to ensure your campus is getting the most positive impact in collection, our company drives ongoing sustainability efforts like Compressed Natural Gas truck conversions to lower emissions and Natural Gas to Energy landfill operations, producing clean, sustainable energy from the waste stream to power homes and campuses like yours.

To find out what Waste Industries has to offer your campus, give us a call at 877-649-2783 or submit a form request and we’ll send a campus specialist to talk to you about all the options we can bring to the table. We know that the future means everything, and we want to help you focus on educating the future leaders of our country while giving them a waste collection provider they can be proud to call a partner.

University Waste Pick Up Solutions: Dumpster Rental, Cardboard Pick Up

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