HOA contracts allow a Home Owners Association to govern the waste and recycling collection of their entire community.

Home Owner Associations

HOA Trash and Recycling Collection Service

Our Home Owners Association services are a community decided waste collection plan that allows an HOA to manage a large scale contract for all the waste and recycling efforts of a local community. We work directly with the HOA and can provide all the same services that any individual contracted waste collections customer could receive, except we are working directly with the HOA itself.

Think of HOA solid waste and recycling services as a one-stop-shop for full neighborhood collection, ensuring your neighborhood has trash, recycling, yard waste, large item pick-up, or any other service we offer in whatever combination you’d like fully available at the decision of your HOA.

HOA services include any combination of the following, though trash must be one of the options selected:

  • Curbside Trash
  • Recycling
  • Yard Waste
  • Extra Pick-Up
  • Bulky and Large Item Collection

To find out how Waste Industries can be your full-service solid waste provider for your HOA, contact an HOA specialist today!

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