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Blue Flame, Blue Skies

We believe in providing more than just superior service in waste hauling. By understanding that the communities of our clients are intricate parts of their daily lives, we have remained driven by the search for the next big step towards ensuring that every area we operate within, we are always operating under a platform of continued sustainability.

That’s why we are proud to have introduced an entirely new fleet of residential waste hauling trucks that run entirely on Compressed Natural Gas.

Identifiable by their unique Waste Industries “Blue Flame” logo, our CNG trucks produce drastically lower carbon emissions, burning clean and natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel fuels.

Our CNG fleets are available in multiple residential neighborhoods across Eastern America, effectively lowering our carbon footprint while providing exactly the same level of service that Waste Industries is known for.

So the next time you’re in your home watching our trucks arrive, or you’re in traffic parked behind a member of our fleet, look for the blue flame and know that we are helping keep the air clean for you and your family.

At Waste Industries, we’re proud to be running cleaner with CNG.

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