Sustainability eBilling with Waste Industries

A Paper-Free Company

Sustainable Billing Through E-Billing

Our efforts in sustainability extend well beyond our daily practices out in the field. Our mission of always finding sustainable and cost-effective approaches to managing our day-to-day activities leads us to examine every aspect of our business.

It was during one of our many transitional periods when attempting to blend new technologies with a better customer experience that we reexamined our approach to billing. Paper bills had been a standard for so long, but with 21st century technology changing the way we could communicate, we decided to make a sustainable push towards a better form of communication; we began our e-Billing campaign.

Our e-Billing campaign allows all our customers to receive their bills directly through their email, allowing for instantaneous delivery coupled with an added Green benefit of lowering our eco-footprint thanks to a decrease in paper usage. Customers can simply go online and sign up for e-Billing, having all their bills emailed directly to them.

To ensure that we remain entirely paper free for customers committed to helping us stay Green, our customers have multiple paper-free options for paying their bills. A customer can pay through their My Account, the standard method of settling a payment when signed up for e-Billing or they can call us and make their payment over the phone.

While it’s not convenient for everyone to be an e-Billing customer, we offer paperless payment options for our non e-Billing customers as well. They can submit one-time payments online or call a customer service representative to settle their bill.

At Waste Industries, we are committed to providing a sustainable, cost-effective, and customer-focused approach to waste hauling. Through e-Billing, we have taken one more step towards blending convenience with sustainability.

If you haven’t signed up for e-Billing, why not join over 100,000 customers who are currently keeping Green and get started today? It really is as simple as filling out few bits of information, then you can say that you, too, are paper free! Register for e-Billing here.

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