Energy Sustainability Through Waste Industries

Waste to Energy

Landfill Gas to Energy

Since our company’s founding in 1970, Waste Industries has pushed itself to find new and innovative ways to turn the word “waste” into one that has new meaning for everyone. For us, waste is the gateway to providing countless services that several years ago would have been the dreams of science fiction. But thanks to constant innovation geared towards sustainable practices, we can proudly say we’ve taken yet another step to turning waste into something spectacular.

Today, Waste Industries has taken that once-dreamed-of step of taking regular, everyday garbage and converting it into something usable; we’re converting the trash people you and everyone else throws away into clean, usable energy for your home.

The Black Creek Renewable Energy plant and the Taylor County Energy plant take the naturally occurring methane gas that’s produced by decomposing waste and convert it into clean-burning energy. Methane, one of the top greenhouses gasses produced today, is prevented from escaping into the atmosphere by specially designed wells that are placed across a landfill’s cells. These wells capture the methane gas and transport it to our adjacent facilities.

Once the gases are at the energy plant, they are converted into energy, a process that provides enough electricity to power the homes of surrounding communities. By converting the gasses into electricity, we also drastically decrease the number of greenhouse gasses that are released into the environment, effectively lowering our environmental impact and providing a greener alternative to standard electricity generation.

And the most amazing part? This form of clean energy comes from what’s essentially a limitless fuel supply. People will always have things to throw away. Our goal is to take that waste and make it useful once again. With the Black Creek Renewable Energy plant and the Taylor County Energy plant currently running every day from naturally occurring methane gas, we can proudly say that we’re all a little more Green.

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