Welcome To Waste Industries

We recently acquired your account from the Veterans Waste Solutions Raleigh branch. We pride ourselves on providing one of the highest quality services available in the industry. Below is some information that will assist you in this transition.

  • There has been no change to your current rate.
  • The services you receive will remain exactly the same, but we may change:
    • The time of day that you normally receive service, so have containers out the night before.
    • Your service day, though you will be informed in advance of any alteration to your schedule by mail or by an automated phone call.
    • Your container if it shows signs of needing replacement, but you’ll be notified before we do this.
  • We now handle all your payments.
    • If you have an unpaid invoice, please send the amount to Waste Industries.
    • If you have received a new invoice, please send the payment to Waste Industries.
  • The “look and feel” of your next bill will be different:
    • Waste Industries invoices will arrive in envelopes from Waste Industries.
    • All our bills are branded with our information and have been recently redesigned for ease of use and readability.
  • eBilling and Direct Draft
    • If you were an ebilling customer, this did not transfer. Please go to www.wasteindustries.com and sign up for eBilling.
    • Direct Draft does not transfer to Waste Industries. You will need to set that up again for automatic payments, and that can be done within the My Account section of our website.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Waste Industries and we are incredibly excited to service your solid waste and recycling collection needs. We are proud to be your local community partner, and we’re here to help no matter your needs.